The Odyssey Winds Of Athena

The Odyssey Winds Of Athena 1.1

Step into the shoes of the Goddess Athena and guide Ulysses' fleet to safety

Step into the shoes of the Goddess Athena and help guide Ulysses' fleet to safety. Fend-off Cyclopes, Harpies and more while creating currents and winds to lead the boats to their destination.
Follow one of the most famous stories ever written as you retrace the route of Ulysses in his attempt to return home from the Trojan wars. Incredibly realistic water current behavior will amaze and challenge you as you use your godly powers to protect the Hero's fleet.

10 chapters of Homer's famous epic
Over 50 amazing hand painted levels
New exciting dangers for your boats including sirens, sea-monsters, storm clouds and more
Replay any level at will to increase your score and rating.

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